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  1. FromLV

    FromLV Руководитель фонда Команда форума

    Sibcoin Foundation public report: February 2018

    Hello, everybody. I want to make a review of our team’s work results in February.

    First of all, I thank everyone for voting for me as a candidate, thus giving me a chance to work with such enthusiastic community and apply all my skills to Sibcoin development. I’m especially grateful to those community members, who donated and supported the idea of non-profit foundation creation.

    Now it’s time to get back to the report.

    Corporate solutions and finance
    - A company was registered in Singapore;
    - An account in Cauri UK was opened;
    - We also plan to open corporate accounts in Bittrex and Kraken for working with cryptocurrencies;
    - A financial manager was hired. We are in the process of introducing him into the job, building reporting and budgeting systems, establishing contracts and accountability with outsourcers.

    Marketing and PR
    In the sphere of Marketing and PR we:
    - Involved a professional company into supervising all marketing activities. I’ve been working with this team for more than 5 years. They have outstanding results in online products promotion, as well as good experience in working with marketing and promotion of more than 10 ICO projects. Cryptocurrency is a new area, so we will improve skills together.
    - Introduced a roadmap for marketing and PR activities;
    - Created a new strategy of promotion and communication;
    - Discussed and rejected the first script for YouTube video with rapper Basta; we continue the research;
    - Employed new marketing, PR and design contractors;
    - Working on cooperation with YouTube, Twitter and Telegram bloggers;
    - Launched the advertising process in Google Adwords, Yandex Direct and Facebook;
    - Establishing an action plan for 2018, while some of the planned activities are already in progress. Some of the upcoming events will be mentioned below.
    - Started working on all key areas. The first half of the year will be given to the planned activities in Russia, while the second half – to the international ones. We plan 8 activities per month in total – globally. Two activities a week will provide a stable source of information. In February we took part in four events, two of which we visited as speakers.

    Meetings with Mass-media representatives
    Sibcoin Foundation members met with journalists of leading mass-media resources in order to share Sibcoin ideas to a wider audience:
    - RBC
    - Vedomosti
    - Negotiations with RBC TV journalists
    - Channel One Russia
    - Izvestia
    - Kommersant
    - RIA Novosti
    - Interfax
    - Russian cryptocurrency portal “Криптовалюты.рф”
    - Forklog
    - Bitcryptonews
    - Rossiyskaya Gazeta
    - AiF
    - Novaya Gazeta
    - Forbes (in the process of writing for my opinion column)
    This year Sibcoin Foundation representatives can be met at the majority of blockchain- and cryptocurrency-related events both as speakers and participants, ready to answer all questions.
    We have already approved a schedule of specialized conferences for Sibcoin representatives. Topics and summaries of the reports were confirmed for participation in the following conferences:
    ● Decenter Token Conf (February 26-27, Moscow);
    ● Blockchain Summit (March 1, Moscow);
    ● Discussion of Sibcoin representative’s participation in the Investment Forum (February 15-16, Sochi);
    ● Finteh Forum (February 21, Moscow);
    ● Global Blockchain Summit (March 24, Sochi);
    ● Third Blockchain Conference (March 14, Barnaul);
    ● Meetup Cryptoenvironment (February 22, Irkutsk);
    ● Congress RACIB (March 27, Moscow).

    The website and logo were newly designed and will be shown as soon as we finish all preparations. We introduced another symbol of our cryptocurrency: letter “S” is easier understandable for English-speaking users than the symbol “Ч”. The currency’s name “Chervonets” will not be used anymore in social media sources and networks, operating in the English language.
    Sibcoin is how the currency will be named in all printed and online media sources. Any other written forms (e.g. SIBCoin, SIB Coin, SIBcoin, SiBcoin, Chervonets) are from now on incorrect and we kindly ask the community to use this written variant only, as it is very important to build a strong and respectable brand.

    External communications
    We negotiate with traders, analysts, foundations. As far as we know, some funds are already in the process of opening Sibcoin positions. We plan to continue doing this, as well as working with public analysts for publications in the blogosphere.
    The current market situation imposes limits onto development of this area, but, when the cryptomarket rises, we plan to be more active.

    Dear friends,
    you can help us increase the rates in our common aims achievement. Any donation will be used for Sibcoin further development and popularization. Don’t stay away: we are strong together!