SIBcoin masternode: set up

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  1. Mao

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    To set up a node you will need the following:
    1) 1000 SIBCoins
    2) server with permanent IP address or VPS
    3) a bit of knowledge and luck:)

    SIBCoin GUI Wallet (e.g sibcoin-qt.exe for Windows) can serve as a node but it is recommended to use console version.
    So, we begin

    1. At a local wallet console type
    getaccountaddress 0
    then copy the newly created address to any txt file

    2. type
    masternode genkey
    copy the long output string to the same txt file as above

    3. send 1000 SIBCoins to the node address using the following command
    sendtoaddress <sibcoinaddress> 1000
    where <sibcoinaddress> is the address acquired on Step 1

    copy the output of this command to the same txt file as above

    Then you should wait for 15 network coinfirmations of this transaction.
    This will normally take about 40 minutes so you can have a beer or two.
    It is important not to drink vodka at this step, it should be saved for the afterparty:)

    Let's continue
    At the same local computer find SIBCoin data directory
    For Windows it usually sounds like c:\users\<gopa>\appdata\roaming\sibcoin, where <gopa> is your username
    Create text file and save it as masternode.conf
    Insert the following line into this masternode.conf
    MN1 <ip address of your remote server or VPS>:1945 <long string created at step 3>
    It should finally look like something similar to this
    MN1 5KdnDb8tDnJtHj8VnrLBiRnA7527eSUrogJsmd8y6W7FnJ3TP9o e527bb5830dd4d23fc3df0eadc0cgopawithruchka8 0
    (do not try to put this example string to your masternode.conf, it is my masternode, protected by copyright law:))
    At the remote server (VPS)
    Find SIBCoin data directory
    Create file sibcoin.conf
    Insert the following lines:
    masternodeprivkey=<very long string obtained at local computer at step 2>
    save the file
    restart local wallet
    start remote wallet
    at the LOCAL wallet console type the following
    masternode start-many
    masternode start-alias MN1
    and check the output
    you should see something like this

    † † "overall" : "Successfully started 1 masternodes, failed to start 0, total 1",
    † † "detail" : {
    † † † † "status" : {
    † † † † † † "alias" : "mn1",
    † † † † † † "result" : "successful"
    † † † † }
    † † }
    the key word here is SUCCESSFULLY:)
    Have a vodka, you just started your first SIBCoin masternode

    For the node to work you should never spend that 1000 SIBCoins sent to masternode address at step 1
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  3. Mao

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    Step 2 – Installing Sentinel

    Starting from to run SIBCoin masternode you need to install Sentinel software to the same server where the node is running.

    Installing Sentintel for Linux

    1. Install virtualenv:
    $ sudo apt-get update   $ sudo apt-get -y install python-virtualenv
    or if you got root access use simply
    # apt-get update # apt-get -y install python-virtualenv
    2. As your node is running under some user account, e.g mysib, you should login as that user and download sentinel to the home directory from: 
Пожалуйста, войдите или зарегистрируйтесь для просмотра ссылок

    3. Then you need to create virtualenv environment.
    virtualenv ./venv at the console window

4. Installing dependencies:
    /venv/bin/pip install -r requirements.txt
    5. Run sentinel with debug parameter to male sure that it operates correctly:
    SENTINEL_DEBUG=1 ./venv/bin/python bin/
    6. Then you need to add sentinel to cron. Create file named cront and insert the following:

    * * * * * cd /home/YOURUSERNAME/sentinel && ./venv/bin/python bin/ >/dev/null 2>&1
    replacing YOURUSERNAME with user name from step2. Add <CR> at the end of line and then run:
    crontab cront
    crontab -e
    crontab will enter edit mode. Insert the same string as above and save.

    Installing Sentinel for Windows

    1. Install Python - Пожалуйста, войдите или зарегистрируйтесь для просмотра ссылок
Verify the installation, entering python at the command prompt. You should get simple prompt like >)
Lets then verify pip. Try python pip or simply pip. If it is ok then
    pip install virtualenv
    that installs ther same virtualenv as in Linux but with Windows shell.

 Download sentinel from repository Пожалуйста, войдите или зарегистрируйтесь для просмотра ссылок 
Unpack the archive, open python console, cd to the unarchived folder.
    virtualenv ./venv ./venv/bin/pip install -r requirements.txt
    Have some vodka, you are almost done ☺
Edit sentinel.conf . Add the path to sibcoin.conf.

    Load Control Panel->Administration->Task scheduler and schedule sentinel to run once in a minute. To do this you should schedule running python with as a parameter.
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  5. hexoli

    hexoli Прохожий

    I can not install the sentinel on my pc, could you make a video teaching how to install the setinel in windows?