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  1. afedron

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    June 2017 Money transfer serivce SIBCoin ( + SMS information

    June-July 2017 - Release of mass payment service based on SIBCoin

    July-Augist - Complete redesign of SIBCoin website, including several guides (installing wallet, starting masternodes, mining on various devices)

    August 2017 - p2p exchange (v. 0.8)
    1. Bid/order placement protocol implementation
    2. Bid/order and other persistent data local storage implementation
    3. Wallet client interface for bids/orders
    4. Create/Read/Update/Delete orders
    5. DDoS protection measures for p2p exchange

    Sept, 2017 - SIBCoin merchant service release (with payouts in both fiat and crytpo)

    Sept, 2017 - p2p exchange (v. 0.9)
    Operating with collaterals. Starting and accepting the exchange transaction, blocking the collateral. Finalizing the transaction and releasing collateral

    Oct, 2017 - Mobile wallets for iOS, Windows Mobile

    Nov, 2017 - P2P exchange service RELEASE (v. 1.0)
    Automated p2p exchanges to bitcoin and vice versa performed and guaranteed by masternodes.

    Jan, 2018 – p2p exchange (v. 1.1)
    exchange to other blockchain-based coins (Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, etc).
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    Cool .. this script looks good .. let's see how the market will react =)
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    In the future will the masternote have some kind of governance?
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  7. afedron

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    yes they are voting for budget proposals like in Dash
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