Sibcoin (SIB) - Should I Invest?

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    hexoli нравится это.
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    hexoli нравится это.
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  5. Graeme Rae

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    I thought I'd post a couple of reasons why I decided that Sib was a good investment.

    I was an early adopter of Bitcoin and made quite a lot from it over the years but mainly by buying low and selling high. I didn't have the courage of my conviction to hold on to them for the long term. You all know how that story ends? So, I decided to look for another long term investment that had the same characteristics as Bitcoin. As you probably know, there are quite a few alt coins out there to choose from so why Sib?

    I was looking for a coin that was based on the same algorithms and had a strong history of support within a community. Sib has that continuity. It's been around for a long time and is still being supported both internally for developement and externally by investors. I excluded any coin that was pre-mined. This is a personal view but I think pre-mining is bad and devalues the long term investment. Investors are either a) long term or b) short term. Pre-mined coins attract short term investors (and probaby more importantly short term developers) who are focussed on short term goals to feed the investor community. As long as they have internal strength they will grow but as soon as the market sees any weakness in their development team they will fold.

    Next, I looked for a coin that was undervalued relative to it's time in the market. Again, quite a few to choose from but Sib was high on the list.

    Also, and this may seem a strange one given that alt currency is not supposed to be geographical, but for similar reasons that MasterNode points to in his video, Sib is geographically anchored. Bitcoin has emerged as a "gold standard" but every other coin that ultimately survives, I believe will be geographically anchored. People tend to believe in what they believe in and King and Country tend to be very high on that list. It's an instinctive thing and not easily swayed. So, I think Sib will do well, primarily in Russia, but also is areas ajoining i.e. China and Europe. When the Bitcoin fork was imminent, the Chinese alt coin money came out of Bitcoin and went into .... Sib. When the Chinese Government indicated controls on ICOs, the Chinese alt coin money once again came out of Bitcoin and went into .... Sib. I do realise that other coins were boosted at the same time but Sib did very well in those periods.

    Finally, when you look at the history of Sib, the price is volatile and reactive to market news but appears relatively immune to pump and dump strategies. That tells me that other people are seeing Sib as a long term investment as well.

    I would also add that, I don't think Sib is the only coin that fits my criteria and instinct played a part in the decision but I bought my coins when they were down at 25c so I could easily sell now and make a killing but my instincts tell me that Sib will go all the way so I'm going to ride this train to the end. I don't particularly like making predictions but $2-$3 by year end is very high probability.
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