Value of masternode?

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  1. hexoli

    hexoli Прохожий

    How much does the nodes pay for each month?
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  3. afedron

    afedron Moderator Команда форума

    You can make a simple calculation:)
    Currently we've got 6666 (what a great number) nodes online
    544 blocks were mined last v24h
    544*30 = 16320 blocks per months
    16320/6666 = 2,44
    so your node will be paid 2 or 3 times per month

    the reward is half block reward, e.g currently 4.65664342 SIB
    depends on a difficulty which is unpredictable:)
    so if it remains unchanged - you can expect about 11,3 SIB/masternode/month
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  5. hexoli

    hexoli Прохожий

    Is there any shared mn service?
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  7. MasterNode

    MasterNode Administrator Команда форума

    Is there a calculator service or a service for leasing master classes?
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